" It takes a world to raise a village, One village at a time "
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  An old man on his death bed summons his three adult children and swears them into executing his will to the letter. The three children obediently consent to his last wish. Upon his passing, the children open his will and discover that the property be divided among the three in the following manner: the first child gets half one half, the second child gets one third, and the third child gets one ninth.

The children were aghast. The only property left by their father was seventeen horses. No matter how sincere in their efforts to resolve the dilemma, they could not execute the will without cutting up a horse or two.                                                                                         Read More..

Kandwar is a concept of sustainable development free of ideological content that is Comprehensive, Collaborative, and Concentrated in a selected settlement, be it part of an urban area or a distinct village.




To transform Social Development Processes into a Professionally Organized System.
To work in a professionally managed atmosphere in serving the society and assisting organizations which are




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